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Creighton Hooper 360° Feedback

Creighton Hooper 360° Feedback logoCreighton Hooper has developed sophisticated technology for collecting and organising feedback over the Internet. For standard 360° designs, we can provide high quality solutions, at highly competitive rates. Our software can be branded to your organisation and adapted to meet your exact requirements.

For very particular requirements, Creighton Hooper can develop fully bespoke systems to meet your needs.
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Creighton Hooper 360° Feedback Features:

  • High quality 'look and feel'.
  • Can be branded to your organisation.
  • Flexible rating scales.
  • Free text responses.
  • Questions delivered under competency headings, or in user specified order.
  • Flexible respondent types.
  • Target and respondent set up facilities.
  • User definable instructions.
  • Emailing system with user definable email templates for invitation and reminder emails.
  • Comprehensive personalisation of questionnaire and report content (based on gender, name, self vs other).
  • On screen reporting.
  • Secure login.
  • Fully bespoke systems can be developed for particular requirements.

Feedback Surveys

Creighton Hooper also provides web-based surveys for gathering feedback from employees or customers.
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