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JobSim - Job simulation and assessment tool

JobSim logoJobSim is a tool that allows you to develop and deliver business simulations and exercises in an extremely realistic and controlled environment. Simulations and exercises are experienced by the participant via an email interface. JobSim is a highly flexible tool, with a number of built-in response types available, and has been used to deliver a range of assessments, from in-trays and case studies to timed, item-based tests. Exercise developers can author assessments using the JobSim Online Exercise Builder. Alternatively, Creighton Hooper can design exercises for you. JobSim is available as a stand-alone PC-based application and as an entirely web-based application (JobSim Online).
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JobSim has recently been used to deliver a 'Day in the Life' assessment centre in the selection of high potential graduates for a major UK retailer.
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JobSim Online has recently been used to deliver a realistic Resource Management Exercise for assessment staff within a promotion scheme.
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JobSim can be used for any number of assessment and development purposes. Examples include:

  • In tray exercises.
  • Case studies.
  • Work sample tests.
  • Timed psychometric tests.
  • Assessment centres.
  • Development centres.
  • Time management training.
  • Customer contact training.

JobSim Online could be used to deliver assessment and development events that last for days or even weeks, in which the participant dips into the JobSim scenario periodically and where there is the potential for assessors to dynamically influence events.

JobSim Features:

  • Realistic scenario provides high face validity for participants.
  • Exercises can act as a job preview and to promote the organisation.
  • Enables rigorous assessment.
  • Easy-to-use exercise development interface.
  • Communications to participants are presented seamlessly, over time, as emails and attachments.
  • Participant responses are typed, or produced within standard office applications (PC Based), and are collected by the program. This feature has been much appreciated by candidates and assessors alike.
  • Crash recovery.
  • Program provides an activity log to facilitate assessment of performance.

This naturalistic delivery environment helps participants feel at ease, elicits more natural responses and produces a more powerful assessment and learning experience.

Laptop Hire

If you are carrying out a lot of assessment and require the flexibility to set up assessment events in varied locations, you may find that hiring laptops from Creighton Hooper is the best solution. We can provide laptops pre set up with JobSim software and with your exercises ready to run.

System Requirements:

JobSim PC Version - Stand-alone PC running Microsoft Office 2000 Professional.
JobSim Online web-based version - Windows 98 and above running Internet Explorer 5 and above.