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Case Studies

Sainsbury's - JobSim PC-based electronic in-tray and job simulation tool

Creighton Hooper has designed and developed JobSim to enable the development and delivery of a range of interactive "in-tray" style assessment and training exercises. The tool provides a completely realistic business simulation. Sainsbury's has used the tool for the delivery of a 'Day in the Life' assessment centre for the recruitment of high potential graduates. Creighton Hooper provided the assessment software and collaborated on the design of the assessment centre. The assessments have continued from April 2002 to date, have been highly successful and are ongoing. Over 800 candidates have been assessed using the software.

" We are very proud of our cutting edge assessment centre that Creighton Hooper designed for us - the candidates are really impressed as it gives them a flavour of what it will be like to work in a blue chip company."

Wendy Seddig, Graduate Recruitment Manager

Merrill Lynch - Creighton Hooper Online 360° Development Tool

Creighton Hooper has been working closely with occupational psychologists within Merrill Lynch for over a year to design, develop and deliver a Creighton Hooper hosted, web-based tool for gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback on the performance of senior managers as part of a coaching programme. The tool is a very high quality, completely bespoke, web-based implementation. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of Merrill Lynch and is branded to Merrill Lynch. Acceptance by the senior managers involved was crucial, and the high quality look and feel of the tool was key in achieveing this.

" It is rare to find a mix of rigorous research and the practical approach that you find with Creighton Hooper...their technical expertise and flexibility works well with a company like ours."

Christian Hobson, Head of Learning and Development, Merrill Lynch - Europe

London Fire Service - JobSim Online web-based electronic in-tray and job simulation tool

Creighton Hooper has developed JobSim Online, a sophisticated job simulation and assessment tool. London Fire Service has successfully used JobSim Online to deliver a case study exercise for the assessment and promotion of candidates to senior management positions. The exercise offered a realistic scenario that tested responses to emails delivered to the candidate over the duration of the exercise.

" The Creighton Hooper e-tray platform offered an excellent opportunity to assess processing and judgement capability at senior management level. The prompt and customer-focused support from Creighton Hooper enabled smooth and effective system preparation and implementation."

Philip Wilson, Senior Occupational Psychologist, London Fire Service

JobSim is an extremely flexible tool that can be used to deliver a wide range of assessments, from in-trays to psychometric tests.

The following link provides a 5-minute instructional demonstration of JobSim Online capability:

Corporate Heart - The Organisation Wellness Survey

In 2003, Corporate Heart recognised the need to expand their offering to their clients through the development of an online diagnostic survey. They sought a business partner who could work closely with them to develop and deliver the survey online. In particular, Corporate Heart sought a partner who could provide:

  • Expertise in survey design, development, maintenance and research.
  • Top quality web design and hosting.
  • Ongoing commitment, flexibility and responsiveness to their needs.

Creighton Hooper formed a partnership with Corporate Heart in May 2003 and has supported their business through expert advice and consultancy on the development, online delivery and maintenance of the Organisation Wellness Indicator tool.

Following a research phase involving a wide variety of 12 Organisations including the Met Police, Total Oil, South West Trains and Chubb Insurance, Corporate Heart has now successfully launched their Organisation Wellness initiative and maintains an ongoing relationship with Creighton Hooper.

"Creighton Hooper has given us invaluable expertise in both psychometrics and web development - which is exactly what we needed, and both within the same business! I can honestly say we would not be where we are without them. Creighton Hooper is a key part of the Corporate Heart team and our future."

Pauline Crawford, MD, Corporate Heart

Follow this link to the Organisation Wellness survey tool:

...then click on the right arrow towards the bottom of the page and enter efv562 as the access code.