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Our Services

Our core expertise is in the design and delivery of bespoke, innovative, high-quality tools and processes for the assessment and development of people. We have recognised that, when appropriate, technology can be used to enhance both the quality of assessment and its cost effectiveness.

Assessment and development solutions:

  • Scenario-based Assessment Centres.
  • Development Centres.
  • Assessment process design.
  • Sift tools.
  • In-trays.
  • Role played exercises.
  • Group exercises.
  • 360° feedback.
  • Job simulations.
  • Electronic in-baskets.
  • Psychometric tests.
  • Web-based assessment tools.
  • Real-time, interactive web technology.

Advanced delivery systems

Creighton Hooper has developed a suite of advanced delivery products for assessment and development - from in-trays and timed, item-based tests to 360° feedback. Many of these products can be customised to provide bespoke solutions specific to clients needs:

  • PC-based electronic in-tray tool.
  • Web-based job simulation and generic assessment tool.
  • Real-time, interactive, web-based training and assessment solution.
  • 360° feedback tool.
  • Web-based surveys.

Partnering Human Resource and Business Psychology consultancies

Creighton Hooper is uniquely positioned having expertise in both Business Psychology and software development. We regularly work with Human Resource and Business Psychology consultancies to enable them to offer their clients branded, advanced, technology-based solutions without the need for an internal IT resource.